Who we are


Elim Churches were established by George Jeffries, in 1915. As a Minister, the meetings that George Jeffries held gathered such crowds, that churches were soon established.

People would wait for hours to get into the meetings, with many wanting to know an assurance of being right with God.  

Today the Elim Church Centre in Hastings,  is one of over 600 Elim Churches in this country, with another 9000 worldwide.

Elim continues to be known as a thriving Christian environment, deriving it's name from the oasis where God's people were able to find rest and be refreshed in a difficult journey from harsh  treatment  to a promised land. (Exodus 15) The Elim Church Centre in Hastings seeks to be a place which lives up to its original vision. 

The local Hastings Elim Church, began in the 1950s when George Jeffries came to the Central Hall, eventually establishing itself in its own building in Elphinstone Avenue, where we continue to meet.  The building was originally 'state of the art' , according to the local papers, and was built by the church members, 23 years ago.

We continue to meet here every week, as well as in our homes (see our calender and other pages for details).  We also use the building to benefit the local community, whilst seeking to grow in our relationship with groups and families in the neighbourhood.